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MJ5K's Review

Created Jan 02, 2010 04:12PM PST • Edited Jan 02, 2010 04:12PM PST

  1. Quality
  2. Perfect 5.0

    One question I’ve always asked is “What would life be like without Back to the Future?” Robert Zemeckis’ masterpiece is an inventive work of genius and is well known by everyone. It has had a large impact on the world of pop culture and the world of cinema. It has been referenced everywhere, in Family Guy, The Simpsons, even on children’s shows like Fairly Odd Parents. Everyone has seen this film at a young age and thats why it leaves such an impact. Its at least in my top 5 favorite films of all time and one I could watch again and again and never get bored.

    The film takes place in 1985 and it points this fact out throughout the entire film. The film centers on a teenager named Marty McFly. He’s your typical teenager, he rides a skateboard, plays guitar, gets in trouble, he’s like the average kid who grew up in the 80’s. One night, he meets up with his friend, crazy old Dr. Emmet Brown(or Doc, for short). He brings out a time machine that he made out of a Dolorean. Marty ends up going back to the year 1955 and accidentally meets up with his then-teenaged parents. Hilarity ensues.

    Something I’ve wondered about Back to the Future is “What genre does it fit into?” Is it a comedy? A sci fi film? Well, the answer is both. Its one of the best films ever made and a film anyone can enjoy. I don’t say this enough, but this is a film you HAVE to see.

  3. Perfect 5.0

    The acting is excellent. Michael J. Fox gives a great performance as Marty. However, its Christopher Lloyd as Doc who truly steals the show. The supporting is great as well, most notably Thomas Wilson as our antagonist Biff. Crispin Glover is also good as Marty’s dweeby dad and Lea Thompson is great as Marty’s alcoholic mom.

  4. Male Stars Perfect 5.0
  5. Female Stars Perfect 5.0
  6. Female Costars Perfect 5.0
  7. Male Costars Perfect 5.0
  8. Perfect 5.0

    Let the praising begin!

  9. Direction Perfect 5.0

    The direction Zemeckis takes the film in is great. If only he could do this for all those motion capture films he does nowadays.

  10. Play Perfect 5.0

    The dialogue is hilarious! Every line is memorable and funny. From “88 MILES PER HOUR!!” to “What’re you lookin’ at, Butt head!!”

  11. Music Perfect 5.0

    The score is memorable as well. Once you hear it, it’ll never leave your head.

  12. Visuals Perfect 5.0

    The visuals are impressive for that time and even to this day.

  13. Content
  14. Risqué 2.5

    There is some sexual content. And also a bit of violence. However, I still believe the younger set of 8 and up will enjoy it.

  15. Sex Erotic 2.6
  16. Violence Fierce 2.5
  17. Rudeness Salty 2.4
  18. Fantasy 5.0

    Its time travel!! Of course its fantasy!!!!

  19. Circumstantial Fantasy 5.0
  20. Biological Fantasy 5.0
  21. Physical Fantasy 5.0


Subscribe to Back to the Future 4 replies, 2 voices
Jan 8, 2010 7:54PM

Haha, it’ll happen….

Jan 3, 2010 7:52PM

Since you brought it up, I went back and revisited my Crystal Skull review. I gave it a Very Good. Not quite LOVE but damn far from HATE.

BTW, I didn’t see your Crystal Skull review. ;-)

Jan 3, 2010 5:14PM

Thnx Wick, once I give all the Indy movies another fair watch I’ll probably review them all and give them the appreciation they deserve.

I still think I’m the only one who loved Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Thats right, I LOVED it. But then again, I only watched it once lol