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Really Great 9 Points 1978

Let me just say this: If this movie didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have any of the Dark Knight’s, Iron Man’s, Thor’s, Captain America’s, Spider Man’s, or any of the epic comic book films we have today. While a teency bit dated, Superman (Or Superman: The Movie, if you want it to be official) remains o…

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Man of Steel
Really Great 90 Points 2013

Man of Steel isn’t lite or frivolous, making it a disappointment to those expecting snark or bubblegum. Christopher Nolan takes heavyweight DC superheroes seriously, first producing, writing and directing The Dark Knight trilogy, an…

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WikChip Image A superior Jor-El begets a super Kal-El
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Really Great 83 Points 2014

Brett Ratner’s Hercules is the first great Hercules movie, or at least the first great one of the past 50 years, which is long enough to be worthy of mythical status. Dwayne Johnson cuts a fine figure as the big man, backed by a platoon of British thespians and presented amid stunning vistas a…

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WikChip Image Stunning image of the Acropolis in At...
Wonder Woman
Really Great 83 Points 2017

Miss Israel kicks ass as Wonder Woman. But that’s not all, not by a long shot. Wonder Woman is a perfect superhero movie, deeply of the genre, yet soaring above it. That puts it in the small pantheon of DC movies, deadly earnest in the DC tradition, a la The Dark Knight

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WikChip Video That's right, the women are smarter.
Spider-Man: Hom...
Really Great 83 Points 2017

Spider-Man hasn’t lacked great reboots, but this third is the greatest yet. It’s the most High School by far, if not the first set in that adolescent crucible. Mostly, Spider-Man: Homecoming benefits by being the first Spider-Man movie to be produced by Marvel, odd though that may seem.


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WikChip Video Better Backstage Banter
Great 114 Points 2010

Convulsively funny, gleefully inappropriate and brilliantly executed, Kick-Ass exuberantly fulfills its title. A high school comedy as much as a spoof on superheroes, it deftly mines the touchstones of both genres. This alchemy creates a cult classic that’s perfect for the masses, as its huge…

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WikChip Image Hit-Girl: My hero! Er, heroine.
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Ip Man
Great 83 Points 2008

This great martial arts movie follows the beats and tropes of fictional king fu movies while burnishing the legend of Ip Man, a real life Grandmaster of Wing Chun kung fu and Bruce Lee’s teacher. The scene of an unarmed Master Ip facing down an armed Police Captain is a classic of the form.


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WikChip Image Ip Man amid the Japanese occupation
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Captain America...
Great 88 Points 2011

Popcorn movies should all be this strong. Channeling Indiana Jones’ 1940s movie tropes, Marvel’s First Avenger proves engaging from the outset, exciting from the middle and exhilarating to the end.

Notwithstanding a pair of underwhelming leads, the overall strong cast, irony-free patriotism …

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WikChip Image Devastating parody of Nazi racial ins...
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Great 66 Points 1987

RoboCop was a blast out of the blue when it appeared near the end of the Reagan Administration – freshly inventive, appallingly entertaining. Star powered, brilliantly conceived, smartly executed, it spawned two sequels, both inferior. Now it’s spawned a 21st century reboot

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WikChip Image Peter Weller's Iconic Tinman
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Batman Begins
Great 22 Points 2005

After the mega disaster of a certain cinematic abomination known as Batman and Robin, there were quite a few rumors going ’round ’bout a new Batman movie. There was talk of Joel Schumacher helming a fifth film known as Batman Triumphant. The plot was going to involve Scarecrow(played by Howard St…

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