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OK 83 Points 2014

A tin-can story full of tinny moments jolts a great cinema cyborg back to life, disappointingly. Sadly, the Robocop reboot suffers from a lack of heart, a surfeit of silly sardonicism and too much shallow bombast.

It does feature three great performances from three great moviestars: Samuel …

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WikChip Image RoboCop meets his maker: Oldman
The Mummy
OK 17 Points 2017

Such a drop-dead easy movie to make. After all, since the 50’s, mummy movies have been a successful stable. Who knew that Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise could take it to such a low. The scorned-woman who makes a deal with the devil was just too far afield for me, and in the end, the film seemed l…

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None Yet 0 Points 2019
None Yet 0 Points 2019

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