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Justice League
Very Good 83 Points 2017

Justice League isn’t a bad movie, contrary to the professional critics. While hardly a great movie, it is very good and a step above Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, its main forbear. At least, it’s very good fo…

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Batman v Superm...
Good 83 Points 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is as heavy as its pretentious title suggests, with nary a great performance to elevate it. Yet this DC Comics blockbuster ably fulfills its duty of teasing nine sequels.

It opens with a replay of Batman’s boyhood origin, Superman’s having been told by DC &…

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Green Lantern
Good 83 Points 2011

So this is what the kerfuffle is about, a comic-book superhero whose main superpower is to create cartoons that save the day. Basically, it’s sixth-grade superhero shit, but does make for a sporadically good movie. Mostly that’s because of leading-man Ryan Reynolds, who plays it all for fun, as h…

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Suicide Squad
Good 17 Points 2016

What happens when you capture some of DC Comics wackiest villains and figure out how to hold them hostage and make them help you save the world? A super human mess. The movie is quite a mess, but that doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the action.

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OK 83 Points 2018

Aquaman is a whole lotta waterlogged cheese, almost 2½ hours worth. It’s not a bad movie and certainly an OK time at the movies, but is kinda turgid, as DC movies so often are. Fortunately, the cast saves the day, starting with Jason Momoa, who makes a compelling superhero, if not an especial…

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Wonder Woman
None Yet 0 Points 1976
Wonder Woman
None Yet 0 Points 2009