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Mad Men
None Yet 0 Points 2007
Coming Home
None Yet 0 Points 1978
Waiting for Sup...
None Yet 0 Points 2010
Fast Times At R...
Perfect 1 Points 1982
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The Philadelphi...
Very Good 66 Points 1940

Call me crazy, but I find The Philadelphia Story inferior to Bringing Up Baby, its contemporaneous cousin. Katherine Hepburn’s comeback movie – the picture that cemented her status as a hit making star – is a very fine romcom and an understandable member of seven American Film Institute all-t…

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WikChip Image Starburst: Grant, Hepburn, Stewart
Great 66 Points 2005

Wonderful movie about a boy and his cheetah. Heartfelt, sufficiently realistic and not sappy. Bravo.

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Secondhand Lions
Very Good 66 Points 2003

Great-uncles lead to great adventure for a boy in need of a loving home. Some have put down this movie as sentimental and bland, but I found it wry and satisfying. Especially for boys and men, the resonance runs deep. Come to think of it, it would be the perfect movie to watch on Father’s Day,…

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The American Pr...
Very Good 66 Points 1995

The American President succeeds grandly as a romantic comedy and ironically as a revealing peek into cushy Democratic pieties, of which Aaron Sorkin and Rob Reiner’s 1990s movie is a cinematic catechism.

It focuses on a likeable man in the third year of his Presidency who is animated primari…

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WikChip Video Cushy Left Wing values turned up to 11.
A Separation
Really Great 66 Points 2012

A Separation fascinates both as an absorbing domestic drama and a lens into contemporary Iran. That compelling combination has made it a worldwide sensation, the odds-on favorite to win Best Foreign Language Film at the upcoming Oscars.

It presents two families drawn together by domestic n…

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WikChip Image Bergman in Paris? No. Hatami in Teh...
Very Good 66 Points 1963

Paul Newman wanted to be bad and got his wish with Hud. He plays a charismatic asshole, a user and abuser whose evil becomes increasingly evident as the movie rolls along. Three Oscars came in its wake, though King Cool himself had to be satisfied with just a nomination. Think Hud would’ve s…

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WikChip Image His unwanted attention brought her an...