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None Yet 0 Points 2019
OK 17 Points 2014

The story had a lot of promise: A forced dystopian society where the citizens begin to challenge, rise-up, and rebel. Unfortunately, the execution is a bit ho-hum, despite enjoyable acting by Shailene Woodley, Ashley Judd and even Kate Winslet. I’d summarize it by saying if they released as …

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OK 83 Points 2014

A tin-can story full of tinny moments jolts a great cinema cyborg back to life, disappointingly. Sadly, the Robocop reboot suffers from a lack of heart, a surfeit of silly sardonicism and too much shallow bombast.

It does feature three great performances from three great moviestars: Samuel …

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The Mummy
OK 17 Points 2017

Such a drop-dead easy movie to make. After all, since the 50’s, mummy movies have been a successful stable. Who knew that Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise could take it to such a low. The scorned-woman who makes a deal with the devil was just too far afield for me, and in the end, the film seemed l…

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The Lone Ranger
Good 83 Points 2013

The Lone Ranger is Tonto’s movie. Good thing, since Tonto is played by Johnny Depp. Everybody knows this, just as everybody knows Johnny Depp is mighty white. Ironically, only in P.C. Hollywood would it be politically acceptable for a white guy to play an iconic Indian character in a 21st ce…

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Fantastic Beast...
Good 83 Points 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them felt like a forced march as much as a magical experience. With so much exposition to get in, this first of five Fantastic Beasts movies is more episodic than rhapsodic.

The march is worth taking however, since the magical experience introduces us to a …

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Green Lantern
Good 83 Points 2011

So this is what the kerfuffle is about, a comic-book superhero whose main superpower is to create cartoons that save the day. Basically, it’s sixth-grade superhero shit, but does make for a sporadically good movie. Mostly that’s because of leading-man Ryan Reynolds, who plays it all for fun, as h…

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WikChip Video Fun & Charming
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American Assassin
Good 66 Points 2017

The War Against Islamist Terror gets short shrift in the nearly risible American Assassin, which starts well, powerfully well, but then goes mostly downhill. Quality aside: Sequel or No Sequel? That is the question. This origin story sets a low bar, yet made money, so why not a sequel. It’ll al…

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Good 83 Points 2018

Jennifer Garner ably leads an action movie, convincingly playing an avenging mother who takes down an LA-based drug cartel and the corrupt law enforcement officers on their payroll. Will this be enough for the studio to order a sequel? Probably not, but it’s enough to be entertained by Peppermint.

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WikChip Image Peppermint Fury
The Hobbit: An ...
Very Good 83 Points 2012

Part 1 of the The Hobbit trilogy is an oft charming visual feast. Wait. Part 1? Trilogy?

The Hobbit ain’t no trilogy! It is now, at the movies.

Peter Jackson – Lord High Creator of the Lord of the Rings trilogy

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WikChip Image Bilbo's Hobbit-Hole
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