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The Sopranos
None Yet 0 Points 1999
Death at a Funeral
Pretty Awful 69 Points 2010

The trailer was funny. It was. Problem is, the trailer delivered the movie’s one big joke, which itself isn’t even funny in the drawnout context of this stinker.

The movie itself isn’t funny, isn’t cute, isn’t sexy. Death at a funeral? More like death at the movies.

The producers’ M.O. …

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Bad Teacher
Bad 17 Points 2011

Bad Teacher = Bad Movie. Cameron Diaz stars as a gold-digging superficial teacher who does whatever it takes to obtain coin for a boob job. The movie is over-acted with an unnecessary white trash style and prick-ish role for Cameron and unfunny attempts at humor. Skip it.

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Down with Love
OK 83 Points 2003

Don’t expect a straight romantic comedy. Instead, Down with Love is a retro sex farce with a not-so-covert gay sensibility. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, to cite the great Seinfeld. It’s just that it becomes a bit tedious, notwithstanding strong central performances, impeccable …

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WikChip Image More clever and insistent than funny
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Salmon Fishing ...
OK 66 Points 2012

An awkward title and stilted premise suggest an awkward movie. It is. It’s also very British. Imagine that.

Its two strong leads can’t do much but look great. Well they can also sound great, which they do.

Still ain’t enough, as we say here in the States.

Back to the title, what’s up…

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WikChip Image Oddball Setting for a Romance
Paint Your Wagon
OK 66 Points 1969

A big budget disaster when it came out at the end of the Sixties, Paint Your Wagon is a modestly entertaining extravaganza today. Faint praise? Indeed, for a musical comedy that is long on star power and short on memorable songs and effective humor.

Oh yeah, it’s also long on time. I watc…

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WikChip Image Jean Seberg: lovely, not distinctive
Seeking a Frien...
OK 17 Points 2012

What would you do if the earth only had 3 weeks left before being destroyed by an asteroid? In the midst of what you would expect many people to do (throw cautions to the wind, behave badly, etc), Steve Carell shows us another side: being kind, reconnecting with others, etc. Paired up with Keira…

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OK 66 Points 2012

Senior citizen cinema is experiencing somewhat of a boomlet now. Quartet typifies the trend, spinning a gently comedic story about old flames who reunite in a retirement home for musicians and opera singers. It’s a pleasant enough movie, albeit too formulaic to be really interesting.

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WikChip Image Now that's a retirement home.
2 Guns
OK 69 Points 2013

A merely OK movie can still be enjoyable if it’s got something outstanding about it. Primo buddies do the trick in 2 Guns. The rest of the cast and film? Less than stellar and just OK. Plus the title doesn’t help.

2 Guns is too blunt – so 2 speak.

I wanted to bump up my final summa…

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WikChip Image Perfect buddies do their thing in 2 G...
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Big Night
OK 71 Points 1996

Delectable dishes and a beloved cast can’t rescue Stanley Tucci’s passion project. It’s hardly a bad movie, just a bit slow and stilted. Some miscasting and more than a little waiting around are mostly to blame.

That said, entrepreneurs of all stripes can benefit from seeing Big Night, a cas…

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WikChip Video Il Timpano: A dish to die for.
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