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Nothing Sacred
Very Good 66 Points 1937

Considered one of the great screwball comedies, Nothing Sacred is still worth viewing some eighty years after its premier for the satirical laughs it triggers, for its colorful portrayal of New York City and rural Vermont, and for its clever takedown of venal journalism as practiced by big city…

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The Palm Beach ...
Good 66 Points 1942

The Palm Beach Story hasn’t aged well.

A Preston Sturges’ classic, funny and loaded with iconic style, its heavy-handed comedy sometimes clanks.

No? Sue me. I’m into romantic comedies mostly for the comedy, albeit not those with too many pratfalls.

More egregiously, the use of "colo…

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Miracle on 34th...
None Yet 0 Points 1947
All About Eve
Perfect 66 Points 1950

All About Eve is surely one of the greatest Best Pictures most people have never seen. It won six Oscars: Best Picture, Best Screenplay & Best Director to the extraordinary Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Best Costume Design to Charles Le Maire & Edith Head the Costume Doctor, Best Supporting Actor to Ge…

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The House on Te...
OK 66 Points 1951

The House on Telegraph Hill is a triumph of art direction. That’s good. It’s also unintentionally campy. That’s bad. The result is a just OK movie, yet one that belongs in the San Francisco Cinema Hall of Fame.

The views are marvelous. And the views are the thing with San Francisco real…

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How to Marry a ...
Very Good 66 Points 1953

How to Marry a Millionaire opens with a five minute bravura orchestral concert, which amazing though it is, is five minutes of men in tuxes when you’re expecting Marilyn Monroe.

Then you get Lauren Bacall as the queen bee, the head girl, the model with a plan. And a luscious Marilyn. And …

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WikChip Image Marilyn at the premier. 'Nuff said.
Rear Window
Perfect 88 Points 1954

A lavish Hitchcock treat, full of glamour, suspense and wit. The establishing scene is a virtuoso display of filmmaking all by itself, while Grace Kelly graces – there is no other word for it – the silver screen like a goddess amongst mortals.

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The Seven Year ...
Very Good 66 Points 1955

A severely dated farce would hardly be worth watching now if it didn’t star Marilyn Monroe at her most incandescent. Even better, The Seven Year Itch features Marilyn standing atop a windy subway grate in a rather famous white halter dress – widely considered one of the iconic images of the 20…

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Funny Face
Great 66 Points 1957

Audrey Hepburn is the spoon-full-of-sugar who makes the cultural imperialism go down in Funny Face. Stanley Donen’s musical – done Broadway style – is an intoxicating Vogue-tini, a Size 0 fashion fantasy.

Richard Avedon famously created the opening titles, which are perfectly high fashion. …

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WikChip Image Avedon's timeless portrait of Hepburn