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Star Wars
Really Great 14 Points 1977

The definitive science fiction film and one that revolutionized the art that is film making, George Lucas’ masterpiece Star Wars: A New Hope(once merely known as Star Wars) is a visually stunning epice that has broke numerous grounds in film, started a cult following, and has been referenced …

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Really Great 9 Points 1978

Let me just say this: If this movie didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have any of the Dark Knight’s, Iron Man’s, Thor’s, Captain America’s, Spider Man’s, or any of the epic comic book films we have today. While a teency bit dated, Superman (Or Superman: The Movie, if you want it to be official) remains o…

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First Blood
Very Good 12 Points 1982

How has no-one reviewed this classic before me?! Suffice to say, it’s a great, yet flawed film that reminds you not only that Sylvester Stallone was a fantastic action film star, but also that even in the heady days of the ’80s, action films could be realistic and thoughtful.

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  • Wick – Good catch. Done.
  • MJ5K – Hey, you may wanna change the name to "First Blood" ...
Very Good 66 Points 1984

Gremlins remains amusing all these decades later. Written and directed by Chris Columbus and Joe Dante respectively, it feels like a Stephen Spielberg hyper American movie, set in small town America on Christmas. No surprise then that Spielberg was the executive producer.

Finally turns into…

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Great 66 Points 1987

RoboCop was a blast out of the blue when it appeared near the end of the Reagan Administration – freshly inventive, appallingly entertaining. Star powered, brilliantly conceived, smartly executed, it spawned two sequels, both inferior. Now it’s spawned a 21st century reboot

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WikChip Image Peter Weller's Iconic Tinman
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Perfect 11 Points 1989

One of the greatest comic book films of all time(its at least in the top 5). Told through a dark story and complex character development, visionary director Tim Burton excellently tells the story of the caped crusader. The film to me comes off as a character study of a man who is psychologically …

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  • kukuruza – I very much liked a film!!! At all did not expect th...
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Devil In A Blue...
Great 66 Points 1995

Devil In A Blue Dress is a twofer: a damn good neo-noir movie and an excellent 1940s L.A. period piece, from an African-American POV. Throw in a prime Denzel Washington performance and you’ve got a great movie, one that stands the test of time. Pity they never made a sequel.

Taken from Walte…

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WikChip Video Denzel on Devil In A Blue Dress
Great 17 Points 2000

I went back to see the original, and I’m glad I did. Despite having seen other ‘origins’ installments in the series, this movie is the must-see to put all the early-days together. All the great actors that you have come to love through the years are all there in rare form. No wonder they moved…

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Perfect 13 Points 2002

Yeah, yeah, yeeaahh!! Bash this movie all you want!! Bash it for its cheesey goodness and its popcorn movie fun, but this is a childhood favorite of mine. I have so many good memories with this film. This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Even though another comic book film called “X-Men”…

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  • MJ5K – Very cool.
  • Wick – I wasn't looking for a foreign version per se, but w...
  • MJ5K – Thnx, Wick. Just one question, why'd you change the ...
  • MJ5K – Thnx, Wick. Just one question, why'd you change the ...
Batman Begins
Great 22 Points 2005

After the mega disaster of a certain cinematic abomination known as Batman and Robin, there were quite a few rumors going ’round ’bout a new Batman movie. There was talk of Joel Schumacher helming a fifth film known as Batman Triumphant. The plot was going to involve Scarecrow(played by Howard St…

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