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Pitch Perfect 2
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None Yet 0 Points 1927
Up the River
None Yet 0 Points 1930
None Yet 0 Points 1935
Modern Times
None Yet 0 Points 1936
Nothing Sacred
Very Good 66 Points 1937

Considered one of the great screwball comedies, Nothing Sacred is still worth viewing some eighty years after its premier for the satirical laughs it triggers, for its colorful portrayal of New York City and rural Vermont, and for its clever takedown of venal journalism as practiced by big city…

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Bringing Up Baby
Really Great 66 Points 1938

Screwball romantic-comedies don’t get much better than Bringing Up Baby, “Baby” being a leopard and its adoptive parents a never better Cary Grant & Katherine Hepburn. Three quarters of a century after its premiere, Howard Hawks’ classic remains a delightfully ticklish cinematic confection.

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WikChip Image Kate & Cary as Susan & David
None Yet 0 Points 1939
The Great McGinty
None Yet 0 Points 1940