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Animal House
Perfect 66 Points 1978

Animal House is many things: riotously funny movie, cultural touchstone, seminal hard-R teen comedy. Those make it a font of archetypes and catchphrases, including Bluto (“Seven years of college down the drain.”), Neidermeyer (“A Pledge Pin!”), Dean Wormer (“DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!”), Flounde…

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We Are Marshall
Really Great 66 Points 2006

Arguably the best football movie ever, We Are Marshall is about much more than sports. Don’t shy away because 75 people – including dozens of collegiate football players – died in the horrific plane crash that forms its centerpiece. The movie is about what led up to the tragedy and mostly abo…

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Really Great 83 Points 1993

Rudy is the first perfect boyhood football movie, if not necessarily the first overall perfect football movie. It beatifies a tough Irish-Catholic boy from Chicago who lionizes football, then plays it and is defined by it.

Daniel ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger grew up craning his neck one state over, towa…

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22 Jump Street
Really Great 83 Points 2014

“Sequels Suck” doesn’t seem operative given how terrific 22 Jump Street is. This one literally jumps off from where its great origin movie ended. Ignore it? Hell, no. #22JumpSt cheekily imagines itself the next episode of the Jump Street serie…

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Everybody Wants...
Really Great 66 Points 2016

An all-time great college comedy, EWS!! riffs on pre-PC male privilege in all its semi-decadent glory. It imagines a nationally-ranked baseball team at a third-tier Texas college – the Bad Habit Bears, basically.

As a guy who was a sophomore in 1980, when Richard Linklater’s movie is set, I …

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The Great Debaters
Great 104 Points 2007

Anti-denigration: The Great Debaters teaches us the root of ‘denigration’ and much more, especially how Wiley College’s debate team rose up to defend their rightful position as heirs to American greatness.

Every history lesson should be this entertaining: Denzel Washington sees to that, dire…

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Sydney White
Great 66 Points 2007

Girl gets guy in Sydney White, an entirely winning collegiate comedy starring the entirely winsome Amanda Bynes as Sydney White. Focusing on a coed, partially set in a sorority, it provides a cheekily distaff view of campus life – on and off Greek Row.

Indeed, Joe Nussbaum’s film catalogs c…

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WikChip Image Opposing Angels in a Collegiate Dream
Great 69 Points 2016

“Jesse Owens, American Hero” are four words that were imprinted in my mind from an early age. Jackie Robinson stands with him as an icon of African-American greatness, and therefore of American greatness, but Jesse Owens came first, by a lot. Plus he won not just one but four Gold Medals and did …

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Neighbors 2: So...
Great 66 Points 2016

Half a dozen great starring performances make Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising a great deal of fun. Called Bad Neighbors 2 outside North America, it reprises the surprisingly good Neighbors laughfest from 2014.

Seth Rogen & Rose Byrne mak…

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WikChip Video Punchlines & all in this red-band tra...
Very Good 83 Points 2014

High concept meets high ass in Neighbors. Adolescent studs move in next door to immature new parents. Hijinks ensue, with lots of laughs, LOLs even. However, pervasive grossness keeps Seth Rogen & Nicholas Stoller’s movie from greatness, even by the standards of hard-R comedies. "F’ing Sara…

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