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The Madness of ...
Perfect 66 Points 1994

Fascinating history lessons are rarely tremendously entertaining, yet The Madness of King George is both. Frequently funny, often charming, it’s nevertheless chockablock with important historical insights about the British government, crown and class system, and the ignorant barbarity of pre-mo…

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WikChip Image Dissolute Prince behind dignified King
Perfect 66 Points 1984

Brilliance has never been more exquisitely appreciated than in Amadeus, with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s genius obsessively observed by Antonio Salieri, his lesser rival. Profound jealousy makes for such sweet sorrow, especially as snottily delivered by F. Murray Abraham in a stupendously juicy r…

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WikChip Video Sexy Opera, Very Sexy Opera
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Sweeney Todd: T...
Really Great 118 Points 2007

There will be blood, indeed. And singing, don’t forget the singing. And genius: Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton film about a mass murderer makes this Edward Razorhands.

All in all, this highly theatrical production captivates and pleases with charismatic performances, a compelling story about …

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WikChip Image Moviestar visages command our gaze.
Witness for the...
Really Great 66 Points 1957

Starched and stilted, Witness for the Prosecution nonetheless packs one hell of a punch at the end, with glorious detail throughout and a powerhouse cast who are the complete masters of their juicy roles. Nevermind that its theatrical roots show. Agatha Christie knew how to write for max view…

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WikChip Image Wilder angle: Dietrich looks up at Power
Really Great 66 Points 1972

This paean to lost licentiousness in the face of fascism won eight (8!) Oscars, losing out only on Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay (both to The Godfather for Pete’s sake). The movie that made Liza more famous for her talent than her…

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WikChip Image Sexy Brilliance.
There's No Busi...
Really Great 66 Points 1954

There’s No Business Like Show Business and there was no show business phonier than vaudeville, till movies. So an overtly phony movie about vaudeville makes for a phony convergence. It was perhaps the last of the musical extravaganzas, a calorically rich compendium of Irving Berlin’s showstoppi…

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WikChip Video Marilyn Monroe & Donald O'Connor: Sta...
Glengarry Glen ...
Great 83 Points 1992

Death of a Salesman? Death of Three Salesmen, figuratively anyway. Glengarry Glen Ross famously pits salesmen against each other in a ghoulish contest where the winner gets a Cadillac, the runner-up a set of steak knives and everyone else gets fired — the motivation of the damned.


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WikChip Image "Second Prize - a Set of Steak Knives"
His Girl Friday
Great 66 Points 1940

Fast talking, smartalecky comedy hit a peak with His Girl Friday. Still LOL funny today, it’s also plenty clever enough to travel through the ages as intelligent entertainment for movie lovers of any generation.

How could it not be? It stars the most versatile movie star ever in Cary Grant…

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WikChip Image Grant & Russell - made for each other
Great 66 Points 1964

Burton and O’Toole grandly declaim in Becket, a big historical drama and big hit from 1964. Two leading-men of the old school variety, with big voices, they’re more than capable of extreme declamation in a love story between two men – unrequited. The bromance ended badly after Burton’s great ma…

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WikChip Image King & Wingman, before it all went bad
Desk Set
Great 66 Points 1957

Spencer Tracy & Katharine Hepburn weren’t hardly done being the greatest couple in Hollywood history when they made Desk Set in 1957. Ten years later, they’d star as parents whose daughter brings home the very black Sydney Poitier as her fiancé in Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

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WikChip Video The Greatest Demo of All Time