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Perfect 83 Points 2011

Makes you proud to be an American, a movie like Buck. A documentary about legendary horse trainer Buck Brannaman, the deep wisdom, transcendent techniques and honest humanity of its subject make Buck a profoundly rewarding cinematic experience, horses or no.

Brannaman deserves more fame t…

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WikChip Video Redford got his horse sense from Buck.
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Charlie Wilson'...
Perfect 106 Points 2007

Charlie Wilson’s War is great American comedy, successful on many levels: belly-laugh funny, serious as a crutch, magnificently produced, charismatically performed. How could it not be? A feel good story about an oh-so-likable Texas Congressman taking it to the Evil Empire when no one else wo…

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WikChip Video The Real Socialite behind Charlie Wilson
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Perfect 83 Points 2014

Boyhood is the first Great American Movie of 2014. It profiles the emergence of a slacker, delivered as the insightful backstory of an aimless guy who ends up haunting the streets of Austin. Through that Texan lens, the great Richard Linklater has created a transcendent portrait of 21st century…

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American Sniper
Perfect 66 Points 2014

Saving Private Ryan has a new neighbor atop the pantheon of Great American War movies. Chris Kyle, Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper illuminates the reality of America’s 21st century war as never before, just as Steven Spielberg’s classic did about the Greatest Generation’s …

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WikChip Video 10 Questions with the real Chief Kyle
Apollo 11
Perfect 66 Points 2019

Apollo 11 is an enormous cinematic accomplishment – an rFactor 1 documentary with the power, pulse and scale of big time SciFi. See it on the biggest screen possible, with the best sound system, IMAX optimally.

It revivifies the epochal year of 1969, the first and last time that billions of…

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WikChip Video Up Close and Personal with Apollo 11
Lonesome Dove
Really Great 17 Points 1989

This epic TV miniseries follows ex Texas Rangers (Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones) as they steal horses in Mexico then get involved in a cattle drive to Montana in the 1880’s. A little Kitschy at times, but endearing to watch the pair banter back and forth and perform their manly cowboy roles. …

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Really Great 83 Points 2012

Bernie – the most genuinely funny movie of the year and the most pleasant surprise – mixes amateur townsfolk with big name stars to create an only-in-America story, and a true one at that. Well, truthy.

Assistant funeral home director Bernie Tiede really did murder the richest widow in his …

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WikChip Image Jack Black becomes Bernie Tiede: Oscar!
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Everybody Wants...
Really Great 66 Points 2016

An all-time great college comedy, EWS!! riffs on pre-PC male privilege in all its semi-decadent glory. It imagines a nationally-ranked baseball team at a third-tier Texas college – the Bad Habit Bears, basically.

As a guy who was a sophomore in 1980, when Richard Linklater’s movie is set, I …

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WikChip Video Rappers Driving
Sicario: Day of...
Really Great 66 Points 2018

Sicario 2 couldn’t be more timely, even if its extreme surrealism is an only-in-the-movies depiction of what’s happening today on the TexMex border. That unfenced divide, with traffickers running rampant, makes an ideal milieu for a heavily militarized action thriller. And *Sicario: Day of the …

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No Country for ...
Really Great 135 Points 2007

Yet another idiosyncratic masterpiece from the Brothers Coen, this time a fairly modern yet characteristically outlandish tale of woe about a scrappy hunter who stumbles across a fortune in drug money, thus stirring up the unfortunate attention of some very bad men. Be warned though that the Coe…

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WikChip Image A real life Frankenstein monster