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The Last Lions
Really Great 66 Points 2011

Perhaps the most incredible nature documentary ever, The Last Lions features individualized lions and buffaloes engaged in an intricate plot worthy of scripted drama. It also provides unprecedented intimacy with the King of Beasts, making it breathtaking entertainment and potent political motiv…

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WikChip Video Chills from this awesome documentary.
Really Great 66 Points 2014

Lava is love, Hawaiian Island style, delivered in seven minutes of sweet love song and volcanic activity. The dramatic contrast works wonderfully well: the violent and the accepting, the unyielding and the hopeful. Pixar should release this short separately after it’s done opening for the gre…

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WikChip Video The actual Song - Not the actual Film
Great 83 Points 2012

Youth is wasted on the young – the saying goes. The same can be said about Chimpanzee. Not that children won’t appreciate it. They’ll love it. It’s just that grownups will appreciate it more, though how many adults without kids in tow deign to see “family” nature documentaries?

Dramatic …

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WikChip Video A Sweet Taste from the Trailer
Great 66 Points 2005

Wonderful movie about a boy and his cheetah. Heartfelt, sufficiently realistic and not sappy. Bravo.

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Great 78 Points 2002

A rich swamp of a movie, Adaptation teems with genres and ideas, truths and lies, self-referential irony and – not least – outstanding acting. A Florida swamp containing a rare orchid gestates the interlocking stories of a crazed plant dealer, the New Yorker writer who falls for him and the …

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WikChip Image Mellow Meryl after she's had the good...
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A Perfect Getaway
Great 76 Points 2009

Kick-ass and funny, clever and surprising, this adventure thriller delivers plenty of twists, turns and vistas. For audiences who like to be teased and challenged, this is old school. Hitchcock – the Master of Suspense himself – would have been proud.

A Perfect Getaway suffers a bit from t…

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WikChip Image Everyone's on the lookout for killers.
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Life of Pi
Very Good 83 Points 2012

Portraying religious faith amidst tragic hardship is a lot of weight for a mainstream movie to carry. Fortunately Life of Pi features visual wonders and frequent grace notes to lighten the load, resulting in an exhausting if moving cinematic experience.

The movie is taken from the celebrate…

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WikChip Image Boy, Tiger, Whale: Wondrous
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National Geogra...
Very Good 66 Points 1997

The forests of Eastern Siberia look like the woods of North America. And yet they are radically different, being the home of wild Siberian tigers, the biggest of big cats. This brief NatGeo documentary gets up close and personal with these magnificent creatures, an awe inspiring experience for …

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African Cats
Good 66 Points 2011

Billed as a warm and fuzzy Disney Nature adventure, African Cats instead is a hair-raising, heartrending drama. It profiles two families, a cheetah and her cubs, and a lioness and her cub, each of which is in mortal danger for nearly the entire movie.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with …

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WikChip Video Be warned: Tougher than usual Disney ...
The Ritual
Good 17 Points 2017

Bros out hiking in stunning Swedish countryside then gives way to a spooky woods ad mythical creatures causing horror filled stress. This movie kept my attention quite thoroughly and is worth a gander if you are in to the genre.

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