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Indiana Jones a...
Perfect 3 Points 1989

I love Indiana Jones when I first saw it, especially with its boat chases, dog fights, searching through ancient tombs and a Nazi fight against Indiana Jones. In this third installment it has most of my favourite chase scenes. I also love the traps Indy dodges at the tomb where the holy grail.

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Perfect 11 Points 1975

One of the best films ever made and one of Speilberg’s best WATCH REVIEW IN WIKCHIP

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Pirates of the ...
Perfect 9 Points 2003

A movie based on a ride should never be this good. The jokes shouldn’t work this well. Depp shouldn’t have been able to put forth such a solid performance. But it all worked. Every last bit of this movie just…worked. The key, I think, is that it never takes itself too seriously. This movi…

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Howl's Moving C...
Perfect 10 Points 2004

I’m going to start by saying this is one of my personal favorites. Although it may not me one of Miyazki’s best, it’s still a masterpiece on its own. I’ve seen both the english subtitled, and the english dub, and I am very suprised how close the 2 are. Usually dubs only take the most important as…

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WikChip Image Howl's Moving Castle
The Lord of the...
Perfect 3 Points 2001

A beautiful rendition of the book. Could it have been made any better? A marvelous tale beautifully told. Action, adventure, drama, relationship – this is truly an inspiring tale.

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Back to the Fut...
Perfect 9 Points 1990

Of both the sequels to the 1985 classic Back to the Future, this is my favorite of the two. For me, it has more of a “I can watch this again and again value.” Like part 2, it picks up where the predecessor left off. Marty heads to the wild wild west to find Doc and get back to 1985, whilst keepin…

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Perfect 13 Points 2002

Yeah, yeah, yeeaahh!! Bash this movie all you want!! Bash it for its cheesey goodness and its popcorn movie fun, but this is a childhood favorite of mine. I have so many good memories with this film. This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Even though another comic book film called “X-Men”…

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Sullivan's Travels
Perfect 69 Points 1941

When everybody rates a movie as Five Star, calling it one of the greatest ever made, the stakes are high. Expectations of perfection prevail. Expectations, meet Sullivan’s Travels, a perfect Golden Age movie.

Sullivan’s Travels is a movie about the movies, about comedies mostly, from whi…

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WikChip Image Lake's legs in Head's costumes
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Where Eagles Dare
Perfect 13 Points 1968

Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood lead a group of Allied Soliders on a mission to infiltrate a Nazi Fortress in one of the greates war and greatest action films off all time. The last hour is solid action and puts basically anything recent to shame.

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All Is Lost
Perfect 17 Points 2013

With All Is Lost, J. C. Chandor proves Robert Redford is still awesome. Try to name a director and actor that could make a movie with no dialog not just interesting – but downright gripping. Redford is a sailing MacGyver – scrapping things together for survival despite the odds. The filming and i…

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