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Perfect 114 Points 1990

Is there a better crime movie? Other classics such as Godfather 2 equal Goodfellas, but none top it. If you like the genre and are not easily dismayed, this is the ne plus ultra.

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The Godfather: ...
Perfect 13 Points 1974

This or the original is my favourite of all time. I cried at the end.

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Some Like It Hot
Perfect 66 Points 1959

Some Like It Hot kicked off the Sixties with a bang. Released in ‘59, it was nominated for six Oscars at the 1960 Academy Awards, winning only for Orry-Kelly’s dresses for Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and most especially Marilyn Monroe. Speaking of Monroe, she won the 1960 Golden Globe for Best A…

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WikChip Video Curtis does Grant, Monroe does Monroe
Donnie Brasco
Really Great 83 Points 1997

A must-see for Mafia movie aficionados, Donnie Brasco serves a potent brew of stellar acting, led by Al Pacino and Johnny Depp in a surrogate paternal relationship. The fact that it’s “based on a true story” makes it societally important.

Donnie Brasco (great name, that) misses perfection…

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The Godfather
Really Great 39 Points 1972

This movie is a classic. I rarely like to watch movies over and over again — but I never tire of this one.

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Eastern Promises
Really Great 70 Points 2007

Perhaps the best film of the year: captivating, surprising, taut, sexy, fresh (even though it covers well trod themes of many a mob movie before). Showcases the quiet charisma of Viggo Mortensen in perhaps his finest role yet.

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Really Great 83 Points 1996

This tremendously entertaining caper movie starts kinda’ campy – Girl-on-Girl meets Goodfellas – but ends as tense and surprising as movies get. Sexy, thrilling and funny, the movie features indelible performances, endless and endlessly entertaining plot twists, amusingly hardboiled dialogue, an…

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WikChip Image Yep, they're hot for each other.
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The Irishman
Really Great 66 Points 2019

Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman is the Forest Gump of mob movies, sans any sense of sweetness of course. The Irishman has an emotional range from glum to grim, but is Gump-like in placing its protagonist in the middle of a long series of famous moments from the early sixties to the mid seventi…

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WikChip Video Circoreality 2.6x of Actual
The Equalizer 3
Really Great 66 Points 2023

Formulaic sequels like The Equalizer 3 don’t get any respect. However, they make for immensely satisfying cinematic experiences when executed to perfection. E3 pretty much executes to perfection.

Indeed, it fires on damn near all cylinders: a perfect film led by a nonpareil moviestar, work…

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Great 66 Points 1991

A glamorous take on the gangster who gave us modern Las Vegas, Bugsy was Hollywood legend Warren Beatty’s last great role, complemented in no small measure by the potent chemistry he achieved with future wife Annette Bening.

Though a commercial disappointment, the movie has aged well, full of …

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