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The Red Balloon
Really Great 66 Points 1956

A boy and his pet balloon amble through vivacious Parisian streets in this perfect childhood confection. Just over half-an-hour long, Le Ballon Rouge won more awards than you can hold in two hands and deserves to be a preschool favorite for every girl and boy to this day.

Just when you thin…

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WikChip Image Shh! They're brother & sister. Don't ...
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White Mane
Great 66 Points 1953

Elemental kid’s movie, just 40 minutes long, thy name is White Mane. It’s from France of all places, with French cowboys. Really. And wild French horses – white horses and white stallions.

White Mane, the leader of a herd of wild Camargues, "was a proud and fearsome horse. All the other h…

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WikChip Image Wild Camargues on the run. Fabuleux!
Summer Hours
Great 66 Points 2008

A finely observed familial drama about siblings dealing with the death of their mother and the disposition of their museum-like childhood home, Summer Hours disdains standard movie drama. It’s edgeless, a film for two mature cohor…

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WikChip Image Mother and Daughter of Privilege
Great 17 Points 2014

I did not see this coming… I was dragged to Maleficent by my lovely wife, and I ended up thinking it was great. On the surface, the animated forest with faeries, pixies, tree-people, and weird frog like characters would normally be a major turn-off for me. Well, I guess it was at first, but th…

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The Way
Very Good 17 Points 2011

Let’s take a walk, shall we? How about on the Camino Santiago with Martin Sheen as he pays tribute to his son (Emilio Estevez) who died on his first day out in the Pyrenees. The Way ends up being an endearing tale of a dad (Martin Sheen) who follows in his son’s footsteps both to pay tribut…

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Finding Neverland
Very Good 66 Points 2004

The man who wrote Peter Pan meets the brothers who inspired the story in Finding Neverland. He also meets their mother, played by the fetching Kate Winslet. Julie Christie plays her mother and Radha Mitchell plays his wife, as terrific a trio of top actresses as you’re likely to find.


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WikChip Image Boy Who Never Grew Up
The Space Betwe...
Very Good 17 Points 2017

A great new take on the ‘humans colonize mars’ theme. The Space Between us will put a mile on your face with what is basically a good natured movie and a cute love story. Sure, the sci-fi is not all that believable, but it doesn’t detract much.

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Very Good 17 Points 2016

An engaging film about a lost boy from Calcutta who is given a new life in Austrailia, yet yearns to reconnect with his roots. The story is engrossing, the acting is top notch, then add to that fantastic cinematography and a great soundtrack and Lion became a winner for me.

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OK 66 Points 2015

Max’s trailer promised more than the movie delivers. The story of a military dog who aides a teen’s coming-of-age, it pulls heartstrings and warms the heart in equal measure, especially for those of us with a soft-spot for the US military and dogs alike. That’s me, which is why I fell hard for …

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WikChip Video The trailer's better than the movie.
Lost in Space
Barely OK 17 Points 1998

With a cast like William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, and Heather Graham plus a really interesting TV series to make a good movie out of, I thought Lost in Space would be better. Instead they missed a great opportunity to upgrade the cheesy aspects of the old show and just let it disconnect with newer audi…

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