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Waltz with Bashir
Perfect 66 Points 2008

The hell of war gets chronicled as never before in this stylistic and thematic breakthrough of a movie. Animated though vividly realistic, this grunt’s-eye view of war and its post-traumatic aftermath stands as a postmodern masterpiece, taking its place alongside fictional accounts like "Apocaly…

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WikChip Video Golden Globe acceptance by Ari Folman
The Lion King
Perfect 9 Points 1994

Yeah, remember when Disney made good movies? Remember when they were in it for the art and not for the money? Remember when they used classic 2D animation? When you look at classics like The Lion King, you can’t help but say “talk about they don’t make em like they used to.” The Lion King is a pr…

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WikChip Video Beautiful Song
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The Little Mermaid
Perfect 2 Points 1989

MY NUMBER TWO!! Another one of my top ten favorite movies of all time. If I were separate my favorite movies into two lists, live action and animated, this movie would be number one on my animated list. The beautiful and bitter-sweet story of a mermaid who longs to be free from the sea and be …

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Perfect 14 Points 2005

Hilarious, fun, entertaining, wow, stellar, great, “I like to move it move it!”

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Wallace And Gromit
Perfect 1 Points 2005

A well acted (voice) movie full of silliness that still manages to give a good lesson on the power of friendship. Also one of the few Oscar winning movies that isn’t full of itself and boring.

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Who Framed Roge...
Perfect 66 Points 1988

Who Framed Roger Rabbit harked back to a bygone era, even as it kicked-off today’s advanced one. It resuscitated hand-drawn cartoons, yet was the first to mix animation with live action, presaging the half-human, half-fake movies common ever since. Ironic, no. Oh yeah, Roger Rabbit is also dr…

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WikChip Video Sexiest Debut Ever
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Spider-Man: Int...
Perfect 66 Points 2018

Into the Spider-Verse is the best Spider-Man movie ever, by far, and also the best 2018 movie I’ve seen. No surprise, it represents the super-pairing of Stan Lee & Marvel’s Spider-Man with über-brilliant pop culturalist Phil Lord, he of the super smart and buoyantly funny Lego Movie

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WikChip Video Spider-Verse Easter Eggs & Obscure De...
Toy Story 3
Perfect 92 Points 2010

Flawless. Silly, deep, wonderful and wise, TS3 pegs the perfection meter. Boing!! Purple, purple, purple. Every toy gets its due, every heart string gets plucked, every joke works. Wow, how does Pixar keep doing this? They’re the Jacksons – the Phil Jacksons – of movie making.

TS3 gi…

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WikChip Image Heroes for the Ages: All Ages & All Eras
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Partly Cloudy
Perfect 78 Points 2009

Perhaps the most lighthearted film ever, this rib tickling short delivers surprising emotional weight in its six minute running time. Initially evoking classic delivered-by-the-stork scenes from cartoons gone by, the film soon becomes a tale of dutiful loyalty in the face of inadvertent harm. …

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WikChip Image He doesn't mean to be hurtful
Perfect 12 Points 2003

This is the short shown before The Incredibles, and it is incredible!

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