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Perfect 83 Points 2013

Gravity isn’t the point, zero-gravity is. However, its title is the only thing underwhelming about Alfonso Cuarón’s benchmark movie. Everything else in Gravity overwhelms. For instance, the vertical line of a sunrise coming around the massive planet looming below some intrepid astronauts is so …

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Captain America...
Perfect 83 Points 2014

Captain America: The Winter Solider proves that Marvel is not only continuing to deliver high quality movies, but that they are capable of delivering superlative movies, which is what this second dedicated outing of the First Avenger is. Stunningly assured, super-powered yet supremely human, t…

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Star Trek Beyond
Perfect 83 Points 2016
Bestest. Star Trek. Ever.

Star Trek Beyond never loses touch with all that made Star Trek great from its earliest incarnation, yet uses 2016 movie magic to create an Enterprise and assorted 23rd century tech-gear better than ever before.

Plus it plays the iconic opening notes of the a…

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Apollo 11
Perfect 66 Points 2019

Apollo 11 is an enormous cinematic accomplishment – an rFactor 1 documentary with the power, pulse and scale of big time SciFi. See it on the biggest screen possible, with the best sound system, IMAX optimally.

It revivifies the epochal year of 1969, the first and last time that billions of…

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Man of Steel
Really Great 90 Points 2013

Man of Steel isn’t lite or frivolous, making it a disappointment to those expecting snark or bubblegum. Christopher Nolan takes heavyweight DC superheroes seriously, first producing, writing and directing The Dark Knight trilogy, an…

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WikChip Image A superior Jor-El begets a super Kal-El
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The Hunger Game...
Really Great 83 Points 2013

The silver screen has never seen a contemporary ideal the likes of Katniss Everdeen, male or female. Jennifer Lawrence’s rise to superstardom is wrapped up in her personification of this revolutionary hero, this secular Joan of Arc for our post-modern times. J.Law channels J.Arc to become K.E…

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WikChip Image They have relationship issues.
The Hobbit: The...
Really Great 83 Points 2013

The elves dominate Hobbit 2. Coolest, prettiest, deadliest – they look especially good in the nearby poster. Orlando Bloom returns as Legolas; Evangeline Lilly joins as Tauriel, Chief of the Guards; moviestars both.

But it’s not just martial elves that make this movie such a treat. Advent…

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WikChip Image The Fighting Legolas: Orlando Bloom
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Really Great 83 Points 2014

Brett Ratner’s Hercules is the first great Hercules movie, or at least the first great one of the past 50 years, which is long enough to be worthy of mythical status. Dwayne Johnson cuts a fine figure as the big man, backed by a platoon of British thespians and presented amid stunning vistas a…

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WikChip Image Stunning image of the Acropolis in At...
Guardians of th...
Really Great 88 Points 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy is an overstuffed taco of a superhero movie, chockfull of countless characters, considerable whimsy and confounding story lines. The crazy-ass result approaches blockbuster perfection.

Star Trek for a New Generation? Absolutely, complete with a basso-profundo destroy…

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WikChip Video Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy?
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Jurassic World
Really Great 83 Points 2015

Dinosaurs rule the summer 2015 multiplex some twenty years after they first conquered the silver screen. Fact is, no one leaves un-entertained after experiencing Jurassic World, in 3D or not. No wonder then that it’s the biggest movie ever, or at least is off to the biggest opening ever, on its…

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WikChip Video Chris Pratt runs in high heels.