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Apollo 13
Perfect 77 Points 1995

Gripping from start to finish, though the end is never in doubt.

Stands as a testament to American heroism, ingenuity and bravura movie-making.

Tom Hanks – in one of his iconic performances – heads a stellar cast atop their games.

The screenplay introduced not one, but two catchphrases i…

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Some Like It Hot
Perfect 66 Points 1959

Some Like It Hot kicked off the Sixties with a bang. Released in ‘59, it was nominated for six Oscars at the 1960 Academy Awards, winning only for Orry-Kelly’s dresses for Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and most especially Marilyn Monroe. Speaking of Monroe, she won the 1960 Golden Globe for Best A…

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Apollo 11
Perfect 66 Points 2019

Apollo 11 is an enormous cinematic accomplishment – an rFactor 1 documentary with the power, pulse and scale of big time SciFi. See it on the biggest screen possible, with the best sound system, IMAX optimally.

It revivifies the epochal year of 1969, the first and last time that billions of…

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Really Great 66 Points 2003

A superbly crafted film about a sympathetic sociopath, Monster deserves to be appreciated for much more than Charlize Theron’s Oscar-winning performance as serial killer Aileen Wuornos. For instance, it deftly shows a seamy side of American society, the confounding and sometimes tragic forces …

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The Infiltrator
Really Great 66 Points 2016

Coke culture from its Eighties heyday comes alive in The Infiltrator, a biopic that profiles the Medellin Cartel’s apparent money launderer. This guy lived la vida loca in all its money grubbing, slimy glory.

Bryan Cranston is nails as real-life U.S. Customs agent Robert Mazur, who went de…

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Really Great 66 Points 1964

Goldfinger has everything we love about James Bond, other than a memorable Bond girl. It’s got Sean Connery driving his legendary Aston Martin, complete with ejector seat and machine guns. It’s got a great “Bond, James Bond” and “Shaken, not stirred.” Most valuably, Goldfinger himself is a t…

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Out of Sight
Really Great 66 Points 1998
Out of Sight and into the pantheon of crime-comedies – start with Stephen Soderburgh directing George Clooney in an Elmore Leonard story. Speaking of gorgeous, J-Lo gets into the trunk with G-Cloo.

Other positives: Bright bluesy opening; Danny DeVito’s Jersey Films producing; Clooney, youn…

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WikChip Image Trunk Spooning: Meet Cute Classic
Raging Bull
Really Great 75 Points 1980

Brutally brilliant, Raging Bull grew legendary after fading from the silver screen. It remains one of the greatest movies ever made, flawed only by Cathy Moriarty’s disappointing portrayal of Vickie La Motta. Everything else – notably Scorsese’s up-close and personal filmmaking, coupled with …

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Dolphin Tale
Great 66 Points 2011

Winter’s tale propels a terrific family movie. Never mind that Winter – the dolphin whose rehab from disabling injury the movie lovingly portrays – is the movie’s only real character. The fictional human characters surrounding her are easy to root for, and laugh with.

They include a father…

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Sydney White
Great 66 Points 2007

Girl gets guy in Sydney White, an entirely winning collegiate comedy starring the entirely winsome Amanda Bynes as Sydney White. Focusing on a coed, partially set in a sorority, it provides a cheekily distaff view of campus life – on and off Greek Row.

Indeed, Joe Nussbaum’s film catalogs c…

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