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Bicentennial Man
Perfect 3 Points 1999

One of the most best dramatic funny films ever performed by Robin Williams. Its about a robotic slave that learns and understands a human and eventually wants to transform from artificial to biological humand being.

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Perfect 83 Points 2013

Her is set in Los Angeles by way of Shanghai – palm trees, beaches and lots and lots of super tall towers. People barely engage with other people. They engage with cybots: robotic cyber-beings purringly delivered.

Scarlett Johansen turns in the sexiest performance of her career as Samantha…

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WikChip Image Sexiest Blind Date Ever
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Terminator 2: J...
Perfect 11 Points 1991

This is, in my opinion, possibly the greatest sequel ever made. Its a sequel that completely blows the original right the hell away. Its one of my favorite movies of all time and one I could watch 10 times in one week and never get sick of it. Twice the action, twice the special effects, and ’bou…

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Blade Runner
Perfect 2 Points 1982

A perfect film, every film student should watch.
Harrison Ford at his best, Rutger Hauer in the best role of his career , a performance that reminds me of James Dean, how often do you feel sad for the villain when he dies ?
Sean Young is Gorgeous, Daryl Hannah seductive and vicious every scene …

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Ex Machina
Really Great 83 Points 2015

Ex Machina deserves the fulsome praise it has received from professional and amateur critics alike. Intellectually intriguing and erotically provocative, it unsheathes surprises and turnabouts to the very end. However, it does have a glaring flaw, one that deserves attention before further exam…

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Avengers: Age o...
Really Great 83 Points 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron is Avengers-worthy, as proven by its $200 million opening weekend and its Marvel-ous mix of human-scale comedy-drama amidst earthshaking fantasy. It’s also studded with LOLs, and not all them from Downey. He gets plenty, but the comic relief is more broadly spread around…

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WikChip Image What's in your closet?
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Small Soldiers
Really Great 66 Points 1998

Small Soldiers looms large two decades after its premier. Spielberg inspired and produced, Joe Dante’s masterpiece is classic Hollywood fantasy, with a great cast featuring Frank Langella & Tommy Lee Jones.

The classic Hollywood part includes being left-wing and anti-American. The villains …

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I Robot
Great 6 Points 2004

Action-packed, a great storyline, good acting — a movie I would see again.

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Great 66 Points 1987

RoboCop was a blast out of the blue when it appeared near the end of the Reagan Administration – freshly inventive, appallingly entertaining. Star powered, brilliantly conceived, smartly executed, it spawned two sequels, both inferior. Now it’s spawned a 21st century reboot

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WikChip Image Peter Weller's Iconic Tinman
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Blade Runner 2049
Great 66 Points 2017

One needn’t be familiar with Blade Runner minutiae to find Blade Runner 2049 gripping from the start, thought provoking by the middle and shattering at the end. Yep, this terrific sci-fi sequel works for newbies.

Thus, it’s not just an aficionado’s treat. It’s meat for the masses. Somehow th…

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