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In Order of Dis...
Perfect 66 Points 2014

Most everyone gets murdered in this crackerjack Scandinavian noir, making In Order of Disappearance – a long yet telling title for the most assured film of the year – serious as a headshot, yet often funny as hell.

The dominos start falling after an innocent guy gets mistakenly knocked-off b…

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WikChip Video A common man takes down the mob.
Infernal Affairs
Really Great 66 Points 2002

Infernal Affairs screams Hong Kong 2002. Movie theaters advertise Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones back in black and Harrison Ford as Capt. Alexei Vostrikov. Within that milieu, Alan Mak & Wai-keung Lau’s blockbuster unspools a cop story of such depth, perfection and tension that Martin Scorsese …

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American Gangster
Really Great 123 Points 2007

Denzel and Crowe at the top of their games, combined with a compelling (if familiar), interesting and assured story make this an almost perfect gangster movie, just shy of the Godfathers and Goodfellas….

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Really Great 83 Points 2015

Dope is brilliant and features more fresh talent than any movie in years. Shameik Moore, Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemons, Kimberly Elise, Chanel Iman, Quincy Brown, Blake Anderson, Zoë Kravitz & A$AP Rocky are as attractive and compelling a cast as any comedy could have. Clemons & Iman simply si…

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The Infiltrator
Really Great 66 Points 2016

Coke culture from its Eighties heyday comes alive in The Infiltrator, a biopic that profiles the Medellin Cartel’s apparent money launderer. This guy lived la vida loca in all its money grubbing, slimy glory.

Bryan Cranston is nails as real life U.S. Customs agent Robert Mazur, who went de…

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WikChip Video Cranston talks Infiltrator with Colbert
Kingsman: The G...
Really Great 83 Points 2017

Kingsman II is a fully-realized exercise in high style, low blows, expensive tricks and lots of big laughs. You could call it a brilliant blockbuster, in the British sense of brilliant: bright, bold, brisk, buttoned down.

  • Brilliant casting: The ensemble includes big stars old and new, with…
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Enter The Dragon
Really Great 68 Points 1973

Now this is a movie if ever there was one, a Saturday night movie for the ages. Enter The Dragon is grand entertainment and so much more. It elevated Bruce Lee to an iconic status reached by only the most rarified moviestars, in part because he mysteriously died right before its premiere. Happi…

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WikChip Video Bruce Lee vs Sammo Hung
Blood Father
Really Great 66 Points 2016

An awkward title is about the only thing wrong with Blood Father, a terrific piece of pulp fiction starring a never better Mel Gibson. Bad Dad would be a better title, what with Bad Moms all over the multiplexes right now. That said, this dark…

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WikChip Video Mel knows AA meetings from real life.
Sicario: Day of...
Really Great 66 Points 2018

Sicario 2 couldn’t be more timely, even if its extreme surrealism is an only-in-the-movies depiction of what’s happening today on the TexMex border. That unfenced divide, with traffickers running rampant, makes an ideal milieu for a heavily militarized action thriller. And *Sicario: Day of the …

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Jackie Brown
Really Great 66 Points 1997

Lesser Tarantino but accomplished Tarantino still, Jackie Brown sports a full house of his filmic qualities. Half a dozen stars unspool a cockamamie but coherent story over 2½ hours, complete with bad guys taking each other out, sudden ends and funny surprises. Then there’s the down and dirty…

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