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The Cabin in th...
Perfect 83 Points 2012

Is there a funnier scary movie? While not laugh-your-guts-out, The Cabin in the Woods is LOL all thru. The comedy just keeps coming and coming. Bloody deaths come too, soon a welcome part of the comedy.

Some reviewers decline to describe the movie. Just go they say. Why not describe i…

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WikChip Image Kiss Me You Fool: Sexiest Dare Ever
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Shaun of the Dead
Perfect 53 Points 2004

Excellant comedy, pretty good romace drama, good but not great zombie film. Endlessly rewatchable, I didn’t even get the best joke til my thrid viewing.

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Perfect 20 Points 2006

The Robinsons are one of the only families in the neighborhood who don’t own a pet zombie. This is largely because Bill Robinson (Baker) deathly fears them. When he was younger his father turned in to a zombie and he was forced to kill him. Ever since then zombies and his father were subjects t…

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Dawn Of The Dead
Really Great 21 Points 2004

The best of the recent group of Hollywood remakes, this is a genuinely good genuinely scarey horror film.

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Dawn of the Dead
Really Great 13 Points 1978

Perfect execpt for the scene where a group of people have a piefight with the zombies.

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Great 122 Points 2009

Zombie movies aren’t my thing – but comedies are – and this zombie comedy rocks. Amply LOL and with relatively few clunkers, it’s consistently if not convulsively funny. Gross too, but the whole zombie shtick – what with the blood vomit and cannibalism – is so over-the-top as to be funny after …

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WikChip Image Doe eyes like male melting lasers
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World War Z
Very Good 83 Points 2013

Beware the Zeeks. Or is it Zekes? Either way, zare’s lots of Zs in WWZ, zousands even, zillions maybe. Zale get you unless Brad Pitt has his way, which he will. He’s Brad Pitt. In turn, he gets your 10 bucks.

Pitt plus a Zillion Zekes zequals Zoutrageous Box Office for World War Z, gu…

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WikChip Image Where DO they get the energy? Darn Zs
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Zombie Strippers
Very Good 7 Points 2008

I’ll start this off by saying that yes, I did indeed willingly watch a movie called Zombie Strippers. It was more of a gag thing, but how can you resist Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund together in a movie called Zombie Strippers? The simple answer is you can’t. The surprising answer . . . you…

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WikChip Video It is - and isn't - this bad....
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Undead or Alive
Very Good 16 Points 2007

Luke (Kattan) is a very caring and sensitive man living in the old west who desires to have the life of a cowboy. He thinks that he has a committed girlfriend that he will marry soon and start a life with. Unfortunately, this girl that he has such high hopes for is a whore. As he sees her dancing…

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Flight of the L...
Very Good 16 Points 2007

A mad scientist leaks a coffin on to a plane in Los Angeles on its way to Paris. This coffin has in it a body which contains a genetically modified virus. The body is able to get out during the flight though. At first no one notices since the plane has been going through storms and turbulence occ…

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