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Schindler's List
Perfect 21 Points 1993

Spielberg’s incredibly impactful and cinematic re-telling of arguably the darkest period in human history won’t soon be forgotten. If you weren’t already shocked by the history of Nazism, this movie will bring it home to you with images from the Warsaw Ghetto, Auschwitz, survival and crazed blind…

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  • MJ5K – Easily the best holocaust movie. And I agree with FA...
  • Fire at Will! – It's a fantastic movie - and yes, the best Holocaust...
  • Wick – I agree that it is the Best Holocaust movie.
  • Wolfman898 – Best Movie ever made.
Au Revoir les E...
Perfect 95 Points 1987

Goodbye Children – the final words of a heroic priest as he’s led away by a Jew-hunting Gestapo agent – forms a fitting title for this beautifully realized recounting of writer-director Louis Malle’s childhood experience during the Nazi occupation of France. Au Revoir les Enfants – _Goodbye …

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WikChip Image "Goodbye Father" "Goodbye Children"
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The Debt
Really Great 83 Points 2011

A mashup of Israel’s bravura capture of Adolph Eichmann and the moral confusion of Munich, The Debt pays off almost completely, missing perfection by ceding reality. Well that and because the Mossad agents’ reluctance to kill the fictional Surgeon of Birkenau annoys as much as it galvanizes….

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WikChip Image The two visages of Rachel Singer.
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A Secret
Really Great 66 Points 2007

More a wartime romantic mystery than anything, A Secret is nonetheless as fine a Holocaust picture as you’ll find. Being French, it’s also a sensual love story, or two.

Let’s start at the beginning even though the movie starts in the middle. A supremely athletic and thoroughly assimilated …

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WikChip Image Cécile De France: lithe object of desire
Exodus: Gods an...
Really Great 83 Points 2014

Why did Exodus – the ultimate big-screen Passover story – premiere right before the start of Hanukkah? Obtuse timing aside, Ridley Scott has wrought a magnificent Biblical epic in Gods and Kings, the best of the year, if not the millennium, and as thoughtful an action movie as you’ll ever exp…

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WikChip Image Moses our Teacher as Action Hero
Really Great 66 Points 1972

This paean to lost licentiousness in the face of fascism won eight (8!) Oscars, losing out only on Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay (both to The Godfather for Pete’s sake). The movie that made Liza more famous for her talent than her…

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WikChip Image Sexy Brilliance.
Sholem Aleichem...
Great 66 Points 2011

The “Jewish Mark Twain” reanimates in this engaging and illuminating biography. Why the Yiddish Twain? Because the two contemporaries were known by pen names and pioneered writing about regular people in vernacular language. However, only Sholem Aleichem has a huge musical hit to his name.

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WikChip Image Biggest Funeral in NYC History
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Great 83 Points 2008

Defiance is a white horse of a movie, telling an improbable and previously little known story that seems too good to be true. Anglo-Saxon star Daniel Craig playing Jewish partisan Tuvia Bielski adds to the fable. A must see for Jews and other WWII buffs, the movie delivers plenty of action, i…

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WikChip Image Action Hero: The real Tuvia Bielski
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The Band's Visit
Great 84 Points 2007

Relaxed and delightfully deadpan, with several LOL moments, The Band’s Visit works as a perfectly pleasant comedy and as a signpost for how Israelis and Arabs can live together as neighbors. The movie uses a classic fish-out-of-water situation to achieve more than a few moments of inspired comi…

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Closed Season
Great 66 Points 2012

Closed Season’s home-front Holocaust drama gets amplified by delving into some serious sexual intrigue. Result? A great movie, one that’s titled Ende der Schonzeit in its native Germany. Google translates that as “End of the grace period”. Hmm, besser in Deutsch.

A near feudal German…

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WikChip Image "I need you to impregnate my wife here."