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Fast Times At R...
Perfect 1 Points 1982
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Animal House
Perfect 66 Points 1978

Animal House is many things: riotously funny movie, cultural touchstone, seminal hard-R teen comedy. Those make it a font of archetypes and catchphrases, including Bluto (“Seven years of college down the drain.”), Neidermeyer (“A Pledge Pin!”), Dean Wormer (“DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!”), Flounde…

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WikChip Video "He can't do that to our pledges!"
Spider-Man: Far...
Perfect 66 Points 2019

The fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in sticky good hands as Spider-Man improves to perfection in Tom Holland’s sophomore outing. Indeed, Far from Home gives us everything we want in a blockbuster.

It starts by playing out the changing-of-the-guard that began in the still-in-theaters…

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The Blue Angel
Really Great 66 Points 1930

Seminal movie, thy name is The Blue Angel, Der Blaue Engel in its native German. Josef von Sternberg was 36 when he paired unknown Marlene Dietrich with eminent Emil Jannings. Dietrich and von Sternberg rocketed straight to Hollywood. Jannings was left behind, kind of like in the story its…

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WikChip Video Falling In Love Again with Marlene
Really Great 83 Points 1993

Rudy is the first perfect boyhood football movie, if not necessarily the first overall perfect football movie. It beatifies a tough Irish-Catholic boy from Chicago who lionizes football, then plays it and is defined by it.

Daniel ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger grew up craning his neck one state over, towa…

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WikChip Video Watch Parseghian prowl practice.
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22 Jump Street
Really Great 83 Points 2014

“Sequels Suck” doesn’t seem operative given how terrific 22 Jump Street is. This one literally jumps off from where its great origin movie ended. Ignore it? Hell, no. #22JumpSt cheekily imagines itself the next episode of the Jump Street serie…

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WikChip Video Green Band Trailer Lays It Down
Really Great 108 Points 2007

Superbad is still super funny, super filthy and super telling. That last is somewhat inadvertent, but the movie is more than just a lens into the fetid minds of unsupervised boys. The porn-powered self-absorption it observes among millennials dates it as Origin of the Snowflakes. "Just how I …

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The Piano Teacher
Great 2 Points 2001

Intriguing and awkward, confusing at some points, but really exceptional. Michael Haneke is the master of stories of everyday life and even when his story is simple, it won’t be plain. This time he confronts us with an unusual and a little bit old fashioned part of world, where people still make …

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Great 66 Points 2008

Ben Kingsley gets in much deeper than planned after seducing a much younger Penélope Cruz in Elegy. Isabel Coixet’s movie comes by its sexual fixations via pedigree: Phillip Roth’s novel The Dying Animal. Think of it as Portnoy’s Complaint, the When I’m 64 rendition – "Will you still nee…

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WikChip Video Ben Kingsley seduces Penélope Cruz
Very Good 83 Points 2014

High concept meets high ass in Neighbors. Adolescent studs move in next door to immature new parents. Hijinks ensue, with lots of laughs, LOLs even. However, pervasive grossness keeps Seth Rogen & Nicholas Stoller’s movie from greatness, even by the standards of hard-R comedies. "F’ing Sara…

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WikChip Video The airbag bit is funniest in this tr...
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