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Not Fade Away
Perfect 66 Points 2012

David Chase & Little Stevie should’ve released Not Fade Away here in January, instead of at the October film festivals. It coulda been the first great movie of 2013. Instead it’s yet another great movie from 2012.

OK, that ain’t chopped liver. Still, it coulda set the pace for the New Yea…

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WikChip Video What the kids wanted to be: Stones
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The Way, Way Back
Perfect 86 Points 2013

The Way, Way Back is the perfect summer movie from this Summer of `13. It opens and closes with a painfully awkward teen in the late, lamented way-way-back of a 1970 Buick Estate Station Wagon.

In between he spends a life-changing summer at the beach house of his mom’s asshole boyfriend, pl…

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WikChip Image Awkward boy meets way, way cool girl
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Sing Street
Perfect 83 Points 2016

Sing Street is a perfect rock-n-roll movie, set around a band who defies authority, gets popular and wins The Girl. She’s played by Lucy Boynton, who makes an indelible first impression – ruby lips half-parted, cigarette hanging out one side. She turns out to have a tough situation herself, add…

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WikChip Video Pitch Perfect 80s Music
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Spider-Man: Far...
Perfect 66 Points 2019

The fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in sticky good hands as Spider-Man improves to perfection in Tom Holland’s sophomore outing. Indeed, Far from Home gives us everything we want in a blockbuster.

It starts by playing out the changing-of-the-guard that began in the still-in-theaters…

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WikChip Video Cool Minutiae
Really Great 93 Points 2009

Terrific coming of age romantic-comedy, mildly raunchy and plenty knowing. Not tremendously LOL though studded with laughs, many from killer funny throwaway lines. Plus it’s a well crafted, well developed story about a set of characters who become more interesting as the movie progresses.


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Really Great 83 Points 2015

Dope is brilliant and features more fresh talent than any movie in years. Shameik Moore, Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemons, Kimberly Elise, Chanel Iman, Quincy Brown, Blake Anderson, Zoë Kravitz & A$AP Rocky are as attractive and compelling a cast as any comedy could have. Clemons & Iman simply si…

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WikChip Video Now this is fresh.
Spider-Man: Hom...
Really Great 83 Points 2017

Spider-Man hasn’t lacked great reboots, but this third is the greatest yet. It’s the most High School by far, if not the first set in that adolescent crucible. Mostly, Spider-Man: Homecoming benefits by being the first Spider-Man movie to be produced by Marvel, odd though that may seem.


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WikChip Video Better Backstage Banter
Really Great 83 Points 2018

Behold the best movie of the year. Alpha leads the pack literally and figuratively. Vividly realistic if surreal sequences of life in Europe 20,000 years ago cradle a family love story and one of the best dog stories ever.

What’s not to love?

The most intense opening scene of an action-ad…

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WikChip Video The first hour of the movie in 2½ min...
The Kings of Su...
Great 69 Points 2013

The Kings of Summer starts with a title so perfect it’s a wonder it’s never been used before. It proceeds to gently satire and lovingly fantasize about coming-of-age in small town America, just pre-facebook.

The movie gets regularly punctuated by genuinely funny lines, some LOL. Good thing…

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WikChip Image Nick Robinson's a star. Erin Moriarty...
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An Education
Great 66 Points 2009

Not your normal coming-of-age movie, this charming and engaging early-60s period piece seems likely to be remembered as Carey Mulligan’s coming-of-stardom vehicle. Carey who? That’s a question few will be asking after this splendid young star makes another movie or two.

But wait, there’s m…

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WikChip Image The real Lynn Barber got "an education."