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Really Great 66 Points 1972

This paean to lost licentiousness in the face of fascism won eight (8!) Oscars, losing out only on Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay (both to The Godfather for Pete’s sake). The movie that made Liza more famous for her talent than her…

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WikChip Image Sexy Brilliance.
The Boondock Sa...
Great 108 Points 1999

The Boondock Saints traffics in cliches, smoothly and high mindedly at first, then over-the-top, ultimately jumping the shark entirely. Fortunately it’s a hell of a lot of fun the whole way down.

It tells the tall tale of twin brothers who rise from the Irish precincts of South Boston to kn…

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WikChip Image Dafoe: cliched cocky detective with a...
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Brokeback Mountain
Great 18 Points 2005

A well made story of two men hiding their love for each other over the span of many years. But once you step back and look at it objectively, is the movie good because of the controversy that surrounds it or does it work on the merits of a good love story by itself? Without the gay aspect, this…

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This Is the End
Great 83 Points 2013

This Is The End is the demented love child of Superbad, Pineapple Express, Cloverfield and Left Behind. Yes, that’s four parents. Who’s judging. Slyly self-referential, super sick and sock-it-to-me funny, it simply slays – comedically speaking. Roughly 40% LOL, the intervening 60% gets …

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WikChip Video Your cup of pee, er, tea? Trailer don...
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Great 1 Points 1987

Based on E.M. Forster’s novel of “the love that dare not speak its name” , MAURICE follows the relationship between two men who meet at Cambrige University in Edwardian England, and their exploration of homosexual love in a time when being gay was a crime punishable by a strict penile code that …

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WikChip Video MAURICE -1987
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Great 89 Points 2008

An immensely well done piece of agitprop, built around Sean Penn’s Best Actor performance and featuring Gus Van Sant’s most fully realized directing effort, this admirable biopic presents a world apart, yet right next door to the one in which most of us live and were raised.

Straights needn’t …

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WikChip Image Sean Penn displays a lightness of being.
A Single Man
Very Good 17 Points 2009

How does an orderly gay English professor deal with the death of his long-time partner? ‘A single man’ uses a pointed imagery and an artistic style to take us through a day with George. George is definitely depressed, dealing with his deep anguish by carrying out his life with its perfect or…

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Dallas Buyers Club
Very Good 86 Points 2013

Dallas Buyers Club is another triumph for Matthew McConaughey. It’s also a vivid evocation of the gritty side of Dallas circa 1985, along with the chaos that accompanied the early years of the AIDS epidemic. However, like its lead character, the movie is self-satisfied to a fault, self-rightou…

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WikChip Image She's very popular in SF, NY and LA.
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Color Me Kubrick
Good 66 Points 2005

Color Me Kubrick isn’t for everyone. It was worth viewing for me because of its lens into the London show biz scene and its masterful Malkovich performance. I’d wager the more you know show business the more you’ll like this true show biz story about some nasty funny business. BTW, it’s also …

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WikChip Video It's all going so well, then it's not.
I Now Pronounce...
Pretty Awful 18 Points 2007

Easily one of the worst movies of the year, even by Happy Madison standards. This movie tackles the issue of gay marriage with such clumsiness that it makes me glad I am straight – only for the reason that I wouldn’t want my alternate lifestyle mocked by such an awful excuse for a call to tolera…

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