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Slumdog Million...
Perfect 72 Points 2008

Slumdog Millionaire couldn’t be more of the moment if it was named President-elect Barack Obama: a Mumbai movie that delivers world class entertainment about a Muslim media sensation. The three kids at its center aren’t religious or radical, though their profound victimization makes it easy to…

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Fälscher, Die
Really Great 17 Points 2007

A great story of master counterfeiter Saolomon “Sally” Sorowitsch who is sent to a concentration camp after his luck runs out and he is caught on the outside. The survival in the camp combined with the (now forced) pursuit of crime presents a unique scenarios that produces many moral choices for …

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Great 83 Points 2008

Defiance is a white horse of a movie, telling an improbable and previously little known story that seems too good to be true. Anglo-Saxon star Daniel Craig playing Jewish partisan Tuvia Bielski adds to the fable. A must see for Jews and other WWII buffs, the movie delivers plenty of action, i…

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The Thing
Great 86 Points 1982

First of all it’s a Kurt Russell movie, always a good thing. Secondly, it’s tremendously assured, crisply created by a master movie craftsman. Last but not least, it portrays a classic grim trigger game, where a dozen marooned guys have to kill one comrade after another upon determining that th…

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Great 83 Points 2010

Into the Valley of Death rode the 2nd Platoon of Battle Company, ultimately riding back out with their dignity, humanity and honor intact, a trial by firefight that this important documentary shows in vivid detail. Well, given the ferocity of the fighting, not all rode out. Killed early on was …

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The Hunger Games
Great 83 Points 2012

An important but hardly perfect movie, The Hunger Games is however great enough to justify the fuss. The monster box office generated by this first installment of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling trilogy of YA novels is helping The Hunger Games and heroine Katniss Eberdeen become primary cultura…

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WikChip Image A new Screen Goddess: Healthy•Huntr...
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Touching the Void
Great 17 Points 2003

Gripping movie about Simon Yates and Joe Simpson’s climb up Siula Grande in the Andes. But the ascent wasn’t the gripping part. The incredible story was about how Joe breaks his leg and how Simon lowers him down – an incredibly treacherous maneuver, which fails when Joe goes over a ledge forc…

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The 33
Great 83 Points 2015

Real-life drama ripped from TV news gets no more riveting or charming than in The 33, about the Chilean miners trapped half a mile below ground five years ago. Some three billion people followed their drama in 2010, including me and probably you. The fact that all 33 were safely brought to the …

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WikChip Video The real story of The 33
Very Good 31 Points 2010

It’s very good for what it is: sci-fi human vs. alien action. Lots of blood and gore provides plenty of mindless entertainment that I enjoy from time to time.

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I Am Legend
Good 102 Points 2007

I Am Legend is a darn good zombie movie, though I admit, zombie flicks aren’t my faves. Will Smith’s tremendous charisma carries the picture, a good thing since he’s the only person on screen for much of it.

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