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The Martian
Really Great 83 Points 2015

The Martian is an instant laureate in the SciFi Golden Age we’re now enjoying. Ridley Scott directs Matt Damon in this landmark movie, the latest in two careers full of them. Their Martian is the highest of high concepts, perfectly conceived. Andy Weir’s lauded novel comes gloriously to life in…

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WikChip Video Outtakes from the Ares 3 Crew
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John Carter
OK 20 Points 2012

Taylor Kitsch is John Carter, a civil war era yankee and indian fighter transplanted to Mars only to find himself in another fight. A fight for a hot woman and against bad guys bent on destroying the planet. This was a hodge-podge of a movie that tries to borrow from every Sci Fi film you’ve e…

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Mission To Mars
None Yet 0 Points 2000
Roving Mars
None Yet 0 Points 2006
Robinson Crusoe...
None Yet 0 Points 1964
Life on Mars
None Yet 0 Points 2006
Flash Gordon's ...
None Yet 0 Points 1938
Abbott and Cost...
None Yet 0 Points 1953
None Yet 0 Points 2004
Devil Girl from...
None Yet 0 Points 1954