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The Cabin in th...
Perfect 83 Points 2012

Is there a funnier scary movie? While not laugh-your-guts-out, The Cabin in the Woods is LOL all thru. The comedy just keeps coming and coming. Bloody deaths come too, soon a welcome part of the comedy.

Some reviewers decline to describe the movie. Just go they say. Why not describe i…

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WikChip Image Kiss Me You Fool: Sexiest Dare Ever
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Fight Club
Perfect 107 Points 1999

Let’s talk about Fight Club. A contemporary classic, David Fincher’s surreal masterpiece makes killer use of several cinematic power tools: sophisticated CGI and film processing, faux sophisticated alienation, throbbing music, Brad Pitt. You gotta give this nihilistic triumph grudging credit….

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WikChip Image Brad Fucking Pitt
Young Adult
Perfect 83 Points 2011

Deadly funny, Young Adult expertly skewers shallow Americana, especially the self-absorbed who drift through the sports bars, Hampton Inns and chain stores that delineate it. Nearly every scene tickles. Many are provocatively LOL, especially effective on those of us with a taste for really sm…

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WikChip Image Dolled Up & On The Prowl
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Really Great 83 Points 2012

Bernie – the most genuinely funny movie of the year and the most pleasant surprise – mixes amateur townsfolk with big name stars to create an only-in-America story, and a true one at that. Well, truthy.

Assistant funeral home director Bernie Tiede really did murder the richest widow in his …

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WikChip Image Jack Black becomes Bernie Tiede: Oscar!
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Really Great 83 Points 2012

Looper is one of the most satisfying movies of the year. An outstanding action picture, a mind-bending time-travel yarn and a charismatic moviestar showcase, it is exciting, thought provoking and often damn funny. Writer-director Rian Johnson must be a very hot commodity in Hollywood now base…

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WikChip Image Charismatic: Bruce's best role in years
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Birdman (or The...
Really Great 83 Points 2014

Birdman touches many cinematic erogenous zones, making it a guilty treat – a smart one – for cinephiles. Alejandro Iñárritu’s showbiz takedown is also the best theatrically-set movie since, well, maybe forever. OK, not forever, but probably since All About Eve

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WikChip Video Such a Tease
Get Out
Really Great 83 Points 2017

Get Out melds edgy African-American humor with classic horror movie tropes, the admixture delivered with near Hitchcockian mastery. That’s how Jordan Peele’s brilliant movie brings the Black Lives Matter sensibility to horrific life. The conceit is not that whites don’t care if blacks live or d…

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WikChip Video The multifaceted Mr. Peele
Jojo Rabbit
Really Great 66 Points 2019

The Hitler Youth get a satirical stake through the heart in the wonderfully wacky Jojo Rabbit. Taika Waititi – he of Thor: Ragnarok – wrote the screenplay, directs the movie and even stars as a wacky Hitler, well a Hitler as the imagi…

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WikChip Video Taika Waititi cracks wise.
Dark Shadows
Great 83 Points 2012

There’s lots to sink your teeth into – lots to like and chew over – in the reimagining of Dark Shadows. Camp-classic TV soap opera, it stands up to eccentric genius Tim Burton’s silver screen amplification.
Who cares that the LOLs are a bit strained.

Chortles count as laughs and *Dark Shad…

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WikChip Image Supernatural Sex: Was it good for you?
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Barton Fink
Great 66 Points 1991

The Coen Brothers are writers as much as directors, making Barton Fink – a satiric tribute to tortured writers and the demonic pull of Hollywood – more than a little self-reverential. Oops, did I say reverential? Referential, self-referential.

Either way, it’s one of their best movies, not…

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WikChip Video "It's the carrot that wags the dog." ...