WikPik is dead.  Long live Viewguide!



The vision for this collective intelligence service has always been perfect movie recommendationsOriginal.  Given the web's vast library of on-demand movies and shows, the world needs a Viewguide.


Thus the new name for what was known as WikPik.  Viewguide is simply more descriptive and easier to understand than WikPik.  Plus it has the advantage of not sharing a syllable with its founder's name, helping to make its community-driven nature clear.


I hope you like the new name.  I sure do.  Click here to let me know your thoughts.


- Wick

ViewGuide Founder


PS - Got a WikPik T-Shirt or social cards?  They're collector's items now.  Want a Viewguide shirt or cards?  Create another 20 quality reviews and you'll be in like flint.