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1st Exit Through the...
2010 Very Good 83 Points

Artistic pranksters engaged in good old-fashioned anarchism make the Oscar nominated Exit Through the Gift Shop big fun. Just don’t judge its subjects too closely.

Banksy’s documentary chronicles street art’s commercial breakthrough, with the director himself its shining star. Anti-capitalism’s been very, very good to him.

The artist known as Mr. Brainwash is Banksy’s main subject, a hipster who sets out to be the movement’s videographer. Then the tables get turned in entertaining fashion, shining a light on the largely nocturnal activities of these cultural outlaws in the proces…

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2nd Man on Wire
2008 Great 95 Points

Philippe Petit’s “Artistic Crime of the Century” – tightrope walking the Twin Towers – comes joyously alive in this revelatory documentary. Merry pranksters, Petit and his collaborators embody 60s joie de vivre that’s as life-affirming as a skywalker is death-defying.

The movie provides ample drama, notwithstanding its well known happy ending. Director James Marsh first shows Petit’s less famous walks between the towers of Notre Dame de Paris and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, all the whi…

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