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Created Jun 29, 2013 01:03AM PST • Updated Jul 25, 2013 08:52AM PST

Oh brother. Two movies about taking-out the White House were released within three months of each other. The first was better than the second, though neither was great.


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1st Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Good 83 Points

Spectacular calamity followed by impressive vengeance makes Olympus Has Fallen an amply satisfying cinematic experience. So what if it’s jingoism. It’s extremely well executed jingoism, by jingo! Patriotic action-movie fans – like me – happen to like this sort of button-pushing entertainment.

Don’t call it mindless. It may be insanely surreal, but not mindless. Delivered with first rate production values, it visualizes the inside world of the First Family at peace and under attack, a taste of power that never grows old. The attack postulates a ridiculous terrorist scenario, but a…

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Added Jun 29, 2013 01:03AM PST • Updated Jun 29, 2013 01:03AM PST
2nd White House Down
2013 OK 83 Points

White House Down is bombing at the box office, surprising both Hollywood and Channing Tatum fans.1 Stiff opening competition from The Heat is part of the reason, but the movie’s commercial coup de grâce is almost certainly its coup d’état storyline. Plus, it’s far from a great movie by any standard.

Being the second US Government decapitation movie of the season should have benefited White House Down, since the first one’s box office success proved that we’re sufficie…

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Added Jun 29, 2013 01:03AM PST • Updated Jun 29, 2013 01:03AM PST


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