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Wick's Review

Created Oct 20, 2011 10:51AM PST • Edited Oct 20, 2011 10:51AM PST

  1. Quality
  2. OK 2.5

    Not Money, “Money” being Swingers’ buzzword for winning. Granted the movie stood out in the mid-90s for its over-the-top retro sensibilities and for introducing Vince Vaughn’s charming jerk act to a wide audience. Those attributes and an achingly lovely Heather Graham are all that recommend it now however.

    Sadly only half of the first reel takes place in a Vegas casino, despite the movie’s reputation as a Vegas classic. Much much more of Swingers is devoted to Jon Favreau’s morose neuroses, not a Money viewing experience to be sure.

    Looking for a Money movie featuring Vince Vaughn? Rescreen Wedding Crashers. Want a great casino comedy? The Hangover is available OD from Amazon and iTunes. Like Jon Favreau? Iron Man remains his masterpiece.

    Don’t go out of your way for Swingers. It isn’t just retro. It’s stale.

  3. Good 3.0

    Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau are almost unrecognizable given how they’ve, uh, filled out in the 15 years since Swingers. Still these performances created the templates that Vaughn especially has used time and again.

    • Vaughn’s charming jerk act was fresh in 1996. Money, he would have declared it.
    • Favreau’s muscled neurosis comes across like Woody Allen on steroids, more powerful than deft.
    • Ron Livingston is the only member of their rat pack who stands out. Why didn’t he become a star?
    • Heather Graham charms as a lost and lovely lady.

    Other than her, where are the hot babes? The wild and crazy swingers of the title can’t believe their good luck to be babe trolling in the target-rich environment of Hollywood. Except the party girls look more Harrisburg than Hollywood. Fire the casting director!

  4. Male Stars Great 4.0
  5. Female Stars Good 3.0
  6. Female Costars Bad 1.0
  7. Male Costars OK 2.5
  8. OK 2.5

    The retro vibe of this mid-90s film remains striking. These Hollywood hipsters dress and dance like they’re from the 40s. Unfortunately they fret about their relationships like post-modern metrosexuals. The latter is extremely un-Money.

  9. Direction OK 2.5
  10. Play Barely OK 2.0
  11. Music Great 4.0

    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is so Money. Plus there is even a great dance scene with them playing.

  12. Visuals Very Good 3.5
  13. Content
  14. Risqué 2.0
  15. Sex Titillating 1.8
  16. Violence Gentle 1.5
  17. Rudeness Profane 2.6
  18. Glib 1.3
  19. Circumstantial Glib 1.3
  20. Biological Glib 1.4
  21. Physical Glib 1.3


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Oct 20, 2011 1:00PM

Regarding BrianSez’s Review
It happens to the best of us. One of our larger point-spreads though!

Oct 20, 2011 10:52AM

Regarding Wick’s Review
Well I rescreened it Bri and found I didn’t like it as much as I thought I did. Whoops.

Jun 10, 2011 9:49PM

Regarding BrianSez’s Review
Very Good Movie indeed. Excellent recommendation for my ViewList.