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OK 83 Points 2016

Plodding, pretentious and predictable aren’t the attributes of high quality SciFi. Yet Arrival has been bathed in positive reviews. Amy Adams’ laudable performance notwithstanding, this praise is seriously mistaken. OK, perhaps I’d be less strident about this if the high marks hadn’t led me to …

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WikChip Image Weak Visuals
Doctor Strange
Great 83 Points 2016

Marvel has yet another big hit and series-starter in Doctor Strange, an often funny, visually dazzling and even profound superhero epic. While not a surprise, the studio’s run remains nothing less than marvelous.

The movie proves rewarding in several ways. First of all it’s funny, with a ste…

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WikChip Video Diving deep into Dr. Strange's minutiae
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E.T.: The Extra...
None Yet 0 Points 1982
Edge of Tomorrow
Perfect 83 Points 2014

Terrifically well-conceived SciFi Fantasy is rare. Add an ageless superstar in a role ideal for his particular set of skills, opposite a beautiful screen-queen making her buffed-up action debut, in a 3D production up to the challenge of visualizing time travel and interplanetary war, and you’re …

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WikChip Image Emily & Tom howling at Comic-Con
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Ender's Game
Good 83 Points 2013

Nice try, but Ender’s Game is barely a winner. Perhaps Orson Scott Card was right in saying his lauded SciFi novel is unfilmable.

BrianSez and other fans of Card’s novel and its sequels may like it better than a newbie like me. I ha…

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WikChip Image What's going on in there Ender?
Galaxy Quest
Great 66 Points 1999

J. J. Abrams famously called Galaxy Quest “one of the best Star Trek movies ever made.” That from the man who so successfully rebooted the Star Trek franchise. His endorsement oversimplifies this brilliantly entertaining movie howeve…

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WikChip Video Galaxy Quest - faux show
Guardians of th...
Really Great 88 Points 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy is an overstuffed taco of a superhero movie, chockfull of countless characters, considerable whimsy and confounding story lines. The crazy-ass result approaches blockbuster perfection.

Star Trek for a New Generation? Absolutely, complete with a basso-profundo destroy…

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WikChip Video Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy?
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I Am Number Four
OK 17 Points 2011

I saw one reviewer call this Twilight – but in alien form. I think they got it right. Basically a teen fantasy story about a group of aliens who escaped their enemies by fleeing to earth – only their pursuers caught up with them. The rest of the story is as you’d expect of this neo-fantasy genr…

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Men in Black III
Great 83 Points 2012

The best MIB? Indeed. MIB3 is clever and fun, as expected, with a surprising inventiveness that MIB1 approached and MIB2 didn’t.

Now … it’s not especially LOL, chuckles and appreciative guffaws notwithstanding.

Charisma it’s got in abundance, courtesy of major moviestar turns by…

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WikChip Image Don't cha wish your girl was hot like...
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Very Good 83 Points 2012

Prometheus may be pretentious but it’s also spectacular and occasionally petrifying, an imperfect blockbuster to be sure but hardly an unsatisfying one. Ridley Scott rarely delivers anything less. Perhaps he’ll deliver more in the inevitable sequel.

Notwithstanding a strong cast, the space…

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WikChip Image The real star of the movie