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Perfect 15 Points 1986
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Blade Runner
Perfect 2 Points 1982

A perfect film, every film student should watch.
Harrison Ford at his best, Rutger Hauer in the best role of his career , a performance that reminds me of James Dean, how often do you feel sad for the villain when he dies ?
Sean Young is Gorgeous, Daryl Hannah seductive and vicious every scene …

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Enemy Mine
Perfect 2 Points 1985

An incredible film, Lou Gossett Jr as the alien is great, Dennis Quaid plays off him very well
a great example of give and take by two highly under rated actors.
A must watch for young actors looking for scene study

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Twelve Monkeys
Perfect 4 Points 1995

you can watch 12 Monkeys 12 times and still draw 12 different conclusion’s of what was in Terry Gillium’s mind as he made this movie. 12 Monkeys is based after the 28 minute french film from 1962 called La Jetée. La Jetée, based around WWII were time travel is used to go back and get supply’s. …

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Independence Day
Perfect 3 Points 1996

Fictional but superb. Aliens invade earth in a destructive way, awesome.

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Bicentennial Man
Perfect 3 Points 1999

One of the most best dramatic funny films ever performed by Robin Williams. Its about a robotic slave that learns and understands a human and eventually wants to transform from artificial to biological humand being.

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Back to the Future
Perfect 9 Points 1985

One question I’ve always asked is “What would life be like without Back to the Future?” Robert Zemeckis’ masterpiece is an inventive work of genius and is well known by everyone. It has had a large impact on the world of pop culture and the world of cinema. It has been referenced everywhere, in F…

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Back to the Fut...
Perfect 9 Points 1990

Of both the sequels to the 1985 classic Back to the Future, this is my favorite of the two. For me, it has more of a “I can watch this again and again value.” Like part 2, it picks up where the predecessor left off. Marty heads to the wild wild west to find Doc and get back to 1985, whilst keepin…

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Perfect 7 Points 2009

Dollhouse is a look at the not too distant future where regular escorts are really no longer enough for the discerning customer. Rather than picking from a row of women to get someone close to what you think the perfect woman is, you actually get to create your perfect woman.

The Dollhouse co…

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Perfect 10 Points 2011

Stunning. Beautiful. Deep. Visual. Depressing. These are all words that rightly describe the experience titled Melancholia. Melancholia is split into two parts that contrast, yet compliment each other so well. The entire movie basically consists of a woman name Justine and her sister Claire. Just…

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