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A Christmas Story
Perfect 9 Points 1983

An American Christmas classic. The best holiday movie ever made. Great moments and classic scenes. A must see for the whole family.

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A Christmas Carol
Perfect 6 Points 2009

Come on! It’s Charles’ Dickens classic story!

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Die Hard
Perfect 1 Points 1988

Die Hard is about 12 terrorist who seizes a Japanese owned High Rise building on the eve of Christmas and takes hostage of everyone at the Christmas party. A police officer who was invited to the Christmas party by his wife, who’s also a hostage, manages to escape and has to figure out a way to t…

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The Nightmare B...
Perfect 9 Points 1993

While not directed by Tim Burton, this is by far his best movie. It took two years to animate this masterpiece and the outcome is great. It’s a dark fairy tale for fans of the macabre.

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Iron Man 3
Really Great 86 Points 2013

Ironic Man returns for a third iteration with his emotional suit of armor in place, humorously deflecting intimacy from friends, foes, lovers and ex-lovers. OK, not all gets deflected. There are several close calls, even a few breakdowns. Hell, there are panic attacks. Hey, it worked in the S…

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Fred Claus
Great 8 Points 2007

Fred Claus was not what I was expecting it to be . . . . but at the same time it was exactly what I thought it would be. I know that doesn’t make sense, but its how my mind is explaining it. At the end of the movie, my first thought was, “That was really good, but not what I was expecting.” Bu…

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Love Actually
Great 90 Points 2003

As cheerfully commercial Christmas movies go, Love Actually is actually a crappy, er, great one. Stars aplenty populate ten mostly separate love stories, making for a generally lighthearted confection. Writer-director Richard Curtis is a master of these trendy RomComs. Like his "Four Weddings a…

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Daddy's Home 2
Great 83 Points 2017

The professional critics are wrong. Daddy’s Home 2 is a very funny and wickedly entertaining movie. Sure, it’s also shallow and morally repugnant, a perfectly polished expression of Hollywood Family Values. Beware and enjoy. Funny is funny, and this daddy-fest is a consistent LOL-fest. My packe…

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Black Christmas
Very Good 8 Points 2006

imagine living in a sorority house, and every year for christmas you and your sisters leave a christmas gift for the boy who once lived there. the same boy who killed his family and got sent away after the incident. This year, though, the girls got something extra…Billy came home for Christmas….

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Very Good 66 Points 1984

Gremlins remains amusing all these decades later. Written and directed by Chris Columbus and Joe Dante respectively, it feels like a Stephen Spielberg hyper American movie, set in small town America on Christmas. No surprise then that Spielberg was the executive producer.

Finally turns into…

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